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  • Finalist, San Diego Book Awards

A Healer’s Journey from Surgeon to Shaman

Are you living the life you know you're meant to live? Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat wasn’t, until a national disaster called her home—both physically and spiritually. If you've ever been conflicted about the life you are living, this book will light your fire as to why you must “live close to the bones of who you really are.”


Born and raised in Haiti to a family of healers, US trained physician Carolle Jean-Murat came to be regarded as a world-class surgeon. But her success har­bored a secret: in the operating room, she could quickly intuit the root cause of her patient’s illness, often times knowing she could help the patient without surgery. Dr. jean-Murat knew that to fellow surgeons, her intuition was best left unmen­tioned. But when the devastating earthquake hit Haiti and Carolle returned to help, she had to acknowledge the shaman she had become.

This mesmerizing story takes us inside the secret world of voodoo as a heal­ing practice, and sheds light on why it remains a mystery to most and shunned by many.


“This fascinating memoir sheds light on the importance of asking yourself, ‘Have I created for myself the life I’ve meant to live?’” —Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

“A fascinating read and personal insight into the world of shamans and other spiritual healers. It's no wonder, Dr. Carolle is such an insightful, intuitive healer. The exquisite gift is in her DNA.”—Dr. Marcia Hootman, Contributing Writer for the Chopra Center for Well-Being

“I've never been so mesmerized by a story in my life. Muchas gracias! Mille grazie! Merci beaucoup! Vilen Dank! Assante sana!”’—Juliana Beletsis, Healing Touch Therapist

"I love this book, and know it will be an inspiration to many. As a native, Dr. Carolle has transported me home to Haiti with her clear descriptions of the locale. Her personal story is captivating and I believe it will touch many lives in a way that will make us think about: Who we are? Why are we here? But more importantly, her story provides us with tools to get there on our journey to live our optimal life through good health."—Micki Morency, Life Coach for Women in Transition

“This intriguing and deeply moving book takes us inside the often secret world of voodoo as a healing practice, and dispels the myths surrounding why it’s always the 800 pound gorilla in the room.” —Lindy Hudis, Producer, IMPACT Motion Pictures and author of Crashers: A Tale of Cappers and Hammers

Dr. Carolle's masterfully written memoir is not just for girls. I picked up the book after my wife and two grown daughters had read it. They couldn't put it down. And I couldn't pass it up after hearing their positive raves. Two things stood out for me. One was her passionate lifelong career working with the poor and needy wherever she was whether it be Haiti, Mexico or San Diego. The problems she had to deal with made my two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro seem like a picnic. Secondly Dr. Carolle's expose' of the many roadblocks she faced with the medical profession and its unwieldy bureaucracies both here and abroad in bringing her medical skills to bear made for a fascinating read. —Review for Amazon.com by Barry Nathan of Vilasa Press, Santa Ynez, CA


Born and raised in Haiti, educated in Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, and the U.S., Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat is a board-certified gynecologist, a senior fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecolo­gists, a medical intuitive, and award-winning author of three books published in seventeen languages. Fluent in five languages, for nearly three decades, she has pro­vided free medical care to the people of Haiti and underserved clinics in San Diego and around the world. Dr. Jean-Murat is the founder of the Health Through Communications Foun­dation, a nonprofit organization, and is the director of its Angels For Haiti Project, and the founder and medical director of the Dr. Carolle’s Wellness and Retreat Center in San Diego, California which integrates preventative, holistic, and intuitive healing. Visit www.DrCarolle.com