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The face of publishing today…
In recent years, the book industry’s landscape has changed dramatically. There has been an explosive growth in self-publishing, massive commercialization of old book content, custom publishing, and more. Consumers are driving the experience in new and exciting directions, redefining the industry in bold new ways, allowing us to soon realize the goal of getting books into the hands of every reader in the world!

The reading experience now offers new delivery platforms and publishing models. We’re no longer tied down to the “printed” matter. E-books are read on smart phones, tablets, and dedicated e-book readers; small net computers, traditional laptops, and PCs, just to name a few. We can translate content not only into the reader’s native language, but in that reader’s format of choice, be it Large Print, Braille, DAISY, or interactive formats that readers can manipulate themselves to navigate between text and audio.

Readers rule the day…
By making reading easier and more accessible than ever before, we can better serve readers who may have been emarginated—those with learning differences or dyslexia; the blind, visually impaired, or those with macular degeneration; or those who simply want to read material in an alternate format. Be it in print or in electronic edition, we can now provide the format of choice to every reader, wherever he or she may be. BYBook Publishers is at the forefront of this new and exciting book publishing revolution!

A great story, elegantly told...
Style of reading and modality of delivery aside, one thing hasn’t changed: it’s still all about the CONTENT! A great story elegantly told and professionally edited will always be in style. At BYBook Publishers, we excel in producing beautiful content-rich works.
From concept development to targeted marketing of the final product, Bettie Youngs Book Publishers helps talented writers produce significant works—that regardless of the style or format the readers finds most appealing, the content itself, is an experience that is rewarding, enriching and motivating.

Bettie Youngs Book Publishers brings readers a carefully selected line of works about fascinating people and their remarkable life journeys. Our authors offer narratives of powerful and insightful experiences that have allowed them to create new paths in their lives and new processes to better get to the heart of issues we all have in common: wanting to live authentically—more fully, creatively, zestfully, and abundantly.

Books, ePubs, Films, Audio books...
Our mission is to produce life inspiring works that aspire to reawaken our passion for life and reaffirm our faith in the indomitability of the human spirit. It is our goal to bring these beautiful works to readers everywhere, in whichever format they wish to access them.

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What Others Are Saying About Our Books…

"I gulped down every juicy minute of this funny, outrageous memoir. Do not take a pill before you go to bed with this book, because you will not be able to put it down until the sun comes up." —Rex Reed

“This racy romp through a life and style nobody could dare dream of is so sizzling and hot you'd better wear gloves to turn the pages! It’s HOT! Very hot! Dangerously hot!” —Robin Leach, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

“Intriguing! Compelling. Important.”—Michael Reagan, Radio Host, Author, Commentator and Political Strategist

“A remarkable account erasing a past, but not an identity. Thought-provoking, inspirational, and comforting.”—Todd Greenfield, 20th Century Fox Studios

“Unforgettable. This book gives the spirit courage and the heart bravado.”—Adrian Maher, Filmmaker, Discovery Channel

“A compelling story. If you grew up hearing names like Tito, Mao and Ceausescu but really didn’t understand their significance, read this book.”—Mark Skidmore, Paramount Pictures

“This fascinating memoir sheds light on the importance of asking yourself, ‘Have I created for myself the life I’ve meant to live?’”—Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of the New York Times bestseller

“You’re about to read about the most inspiring person I’ve ever met; an awe-inspiring book.”—Craig Kielburger, cofounder Free the Children

“I base many of my filming decisions on whether or not a story has that extra-special goose bump factor. This story has it.”—Morgan Elliott, Emmy-nominated Executive Producer

“An incredible story!” “A rousing story, historical and imaginative.”—Daniel Aaron, founding president of the Library of America and a 2010 Presidential Humanities Medal recipient

“Engrossing!”New York Post.

“There are certain stories so dramatic, so sordid, that they seem positively destined for film; this is one of them. A thoroughly engrossing tome.”—

“Splendid!”Harper's Bazaar

“What a delicious, fabulous, exotic, heart-tearing, fascinating memoir. A juicy tell-all.”—Kitty Kelley, bestselling investigative biographer

“Intensely personal and perceptive. You'll never forget this book nor the film it has inspired.”—Donal Bailey, President, Forrest Motion Pictures

“An epic, thundering historical thriller. This is the type of book Ken Follett would write if only he possessed Chafetz’ world-class investigative skills.”—David Brody, author of Cabal of the Westford Knight

“This is a captivating heartwarming story and we are very excited about bringing it to film.”—Steve Hudis, Producer of On Toby’s Terms

"An excellent job of blending history, intrigue and power into one delicious epic adventure that you will not want to put down. Unique, creative and powerful!"— Linda Gray, Actress, Dallas

“A touching portrait. If you're looking for a feel-good story, this is it.”—Jamie Hall, the Edmonton Journal

“On Toby’s Terms is simply a beautiful book about life, love and purpose.”—Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“A reader can become drunk with the words in this book as they leave the page and enter the mind. Densely written and packed with action, I've read many of the pages several times to savor the writing and the suspense. I am going to buy multiple copies of Hostage of Paradox and give them out. Read this book, you'll be, as John Moore puts it, 'transfixed, like kittens in a box.'"—David Willson, Book Reviewer, The VVA Veteran

“An unprecedented firsthand look into the chilling world of Muammar Qadhafi. This book is sure to be an unforgettable motion picture.”—Peter Tomaszewicz, Producer, Truth Never Dies

“Cinderella & The Carpetbagger is a fascinating and racy frothy read—magnificently written, and built with plenty of scandalous and salacious detail.”—Barry Krost, award-winning producer

“This book is sure to find its place in memorial literature of the world.”—Beatrice Ungar, Editor in Chief, Hermannstädter Zeitung

“Truly a love story!”—Nadia Comaneci, Olympic Champion

“If you're looking to find meaning in this disconnected world, Amazing Adventures of a Nobody contains many clues.”—Psychology Today

"Grace Robbins has written an explosive tell-all about one of my favorite authors—the wild and wonderful Harold Robbins. Sexy fun." —Jackie Collins

“The book is a fascinating and racy frothy read—magnificently written, and built with plenty of scandalous and salacious detail.” —Barry Krost, award-winning producer

“Endearing.”—Kyle Wagner, Travel Editor, Denver Post

“We loved this book!”—NYLON MAGAZINE

“A richly told story of a forty-year, white-hot love triangle that fans the flames of a major worldwide conglomerate.”—Neil Shulman, Writer / Producer, Doc Hollywood

“This book is classic literary satisfaction, a real page-turner.”—Nina Siemaszko, actress, The West Wing

“A highly entertaining and salacious story. If you are a fan of scandal and glamour starting at the turn of the 20th century to the present, you'll love this book.”—Los Angeles Review News

“I was so touched by this story that I wrote a song about it!”—Brian Melo, recording artist

“Author John Moore takes you on a ride that grabs you and does not let you go."—David Hadley, actor, China Beach

“Pure pleasure!”—Lorna Luft, Singer, Actress

“Masterful storytelling.”—Gary S. Chafetz, twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by the Boston Globe; author, The Search for the Lost Army

“A gripping memoir.”—Tony D’Souza, author of Whiteman and Mule

“A great, romantic, sweeping, historical saga in the tradition of Zhivago and The Godfather!”—Dan Gordon, Writer/Producer, Wyatt Earp

“A great story.”— Hudson Hickman, Producer, MacGyver

“A solid memoir—about a life reconstructed. Chilling, thrilling and thought provoking.”—Pearry Teo, Producer, The Gene Generation

“If you’ve yet to define yourself as an activist, this book will remove all self-doubt.”—June Sarpong, MTV

“If you have ever longed to hear God whispering a love song into your life, you will hear it loudly and clearly in the pages of this compelling book.”—Gary Chapman, NY Times author of The Love Languages of God

“A powerful and shocking drama reminiscent to the Academy Award-winning A Beautiful Mind. Spellbinding!”—Josh Miller, Producer

“Bucket list this! You will find gold in these pages.”—Clif Potts, actor, China Beach

“A most inspirational memoir.”—Alan M. Dershowitz, professor, Harvard Law School

“A touching memoir filled with hope, forgiveness, and the audacity to follow your dreams."—Bram Stoker Award-winning Michael Knost

“Stunning! An elegant memoir of discovery, of dark secrets dragged into the light.”—Catherine Watson, Lowell Thomas Award-winning travel editor

“This is a perfect book club selection!”—Fabulous Book Babes.

“Action packed!”—Suzanne DeLaurentiis, producer

“We love this, and are anxious to see it on the big screen.”—Rene Leda, Synergetic Distribution

“A riveting page turner.”—Gerald Wolff, casting director, producer

“An amazing book.”—Neale Donald Walsh

"Your extraordinary book has given me valuable insights and readers will agree.”—Spencer Johnson, author of Who Moved My Cheese

"Co-opetition: An idea whose time has come."—Ted Gildred, US Ambassador to Argentina

“The direction in this book will help you get to a better place.”—Ken Kragen, organizer of We Are the World and Hands Across America

“A must read for anyone who wants to create the life he/she wants.” —Tony Volpentest, 4-Time Gold Medalist, and author, Fastest Man in the World

“A must-read for anyone who wants to be successful in life.”—Freeway Ricky Ross


Working with BYBooks, and Bettie in particular, has been a most rewarding experience. But it has been more. I wrote my book, and she demanded MORE. And in so doing, it has, literally, changed my life. This experience has been so powerful that I will be planning to change course with how I spend time with my patients. Bettie, thank you for showing me that gift and the universe brought in the opportunity to practice it therefore being able to alleviate the suffering of many. You were right: in writing a memoir, one of the lives I have changed, is my own! —Carolle Jean-Murat, M.D., author, Voodoo in My Blood: A Healer's Journey from Surgeon to Shaman

I have been most fortunate to work with a team of consummate professionals at BYBook Publishers: Bettie Youngs herself, a first-rate publisher, a wise and generous mentor, a perfect advocate, and her outstanding staff, especially editor Mark Clements, who went above and beyond. Thank you to all at Bettie Youngs Books. The honor is mine. —Jane Congdon, author, It Started With Dracula: The Count, My Mother, and Me

My tenure with BYBook Publishers was—IS—an awesome experience. From the moment I signed on, from the story's development to my book becoming an Amazon #1 rating, and now, to my book being signed for a Motion Picture, the journey has been extraordinary. BYBook Publishers is simply an extraordinary Publishing House. Charmaine Hammond, author, On Toby's Terms, and, the Toby for Kids series

I so enjoy serving as senior editor for many of the BYB Book titles. Bettie, your love of the written word, your appreciation for the skill involved in writing and editing, and your caring and concern for your authors and their work makes all the difference in the world! —Christine Belleris Evans, President, Beyond Words

I cannot in words even begin to describe this end product of working with BYBook Publishers. First of all I have to say working with editor Christine Belleris was one of the greatest experiences I have had with with this book. She soon got the total essence of my story. She managed to balance what is an obvious talent in editing with her incredible intuition on how to maintain the integrity of a personal memoir. Thank you Bettie, your refusal to except NOTHING but the best. I am so very very touched and proud of where you have taken my story, putting a finished polish on this I didn't even see coming and maintaining the raw story. It has been such a pleasure. —Christine Ducommun, author, Living with Multiple Personalities

From the begining of our literary relationship, publisher Bettie Youngs has nurtured my book with attentive care. Integral to this to this was the BYBooks most excellent staff and associates, all who helped to bring my words to life. The result was simply incredible.—Gregory L. Hunt, author, Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

Working with BYBook Publishers is more than a professional experience: it's special beyond words. The staff, and in particular Bettie Youngs herself, looks at an memoir in the light it should be: a once in a lifetime story. I felt the staff cared about the story and its development, and that the book succeed. And as an author, I felt so very valued. —Aura Imbarus, author, Out of the Transylvania Night, a Pulitzer-Prize entry